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What will revenue management look like in the future? The world-renowned Cornell University School of Hotel Administration published the results of their survey asking exactly the same question. The survey of 487 professionals found that the future was going to be much more strategic in nature and will be more strongly driven by technology in which function space will be the new frontier. The respondents further indicated the biggest challenge facing revenue management in future was “a shortage of qualified revenue managers”.

Revenue Management is essentially understanding and managing relation between demand, supply, pricing and distribution. With utilization of various distribution channels to manage demand at an optimum price – The hotel can have a long term positive impact on their profitability.

It is however, not necessary that all of these expertise is available to the hotel in-house - in one resource. REVolution in Revenue Management team can here assist the hotel by bringing to the table, our combined 20 years of expertise in management of demand and supply of inventory along with pricing and distribution. We aim to deliver an improved market share of the hotel, year-on-year, by combining both strategic and commercial aspect of Revenue Management.

We make this happen by implementing strategies tried and tested in hotels to give significant Return on Investment. We also implement new creative strategies for hotels to stay ahead of their competitor hotels. Our strategies aim at not only improving the topline revenues of the hotel but also focus on securing the business through the right channel to grow the profitability of the hotel.

Services Provided by REVolution in Revenue Management Team

  • Online Travel Agents promotions and management to grow market share.
  • Relationship building with key OTA partners.
  • Streamlining the Reservation and Revenue management processes in the hotels.
  • Support & Recommendation on Online Marketing and Reputation management.
  • Market segment set up and analysis on weekly basis for Revenue Management Meetings.
  • Price point Recommendations and implementation.
  • Pick up and Pace reports set up to take timely actions.
  • Yield Management to increase average Length of Stay and Average Room Rate for the hotels.
  • Support and Recommendation to grow Consortia / RFP/ Non – Negotiated GDS business.
  • Recommendation on GDS Marketing on four major GDS channels.
  • GDS reports analysis and recommendations from Hotelligence360 report.
  • Recommendations to the sales team to secure RFP accounts.
  • Recommendation on new technology to reduce cost and improve revenues.
  • Content building services on Hotel’s website and booking engine.


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